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The Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Platform for Support, Coordination and Communication of Civil Society and Communities (LAC Platform), is an initiative driven by VIA LIBRE and supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund).

It is part of several interventions of the Global Fund to support and strengthen community and civil society participation at all levels within their processes. It is a component of the Special Initiative on Community, Rights and Gender (CRG).


The core objectives of the LAC Platform are:


Improving knowledge of community groups and civil society about the Global Fund and their access to technical assistance. 


Facilitating coordination with other technical assistance initiatives.


Improving knowledge in terms of technical assistance and capacity building among civil society and community groups.


Increasing strategic capacity.

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In order to meet the objectives, it develops actions focused on:

  1. Providing specific and remote support to civil society organizations and community groups that request assistance to prepare technical assistance applications, either to the Global Fund or to other technical assistance programs.
  2. Strengthening the capacity of community groups and civil society for an adequate participation in the mid-term reviews and in the processes of national strategic planning and policies for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria..
  3. Supporting coordination of Concept Note reviews of the Global Fund carried out by civil society and community groups in the country.  .
  4. Promoting parallel reporting on community and civil society participation in Global Fund processes.

  1. Developing national studies on access to information, technical assistance and capacity building of civil society and communities, in a country sample within the region, disseminating results and recommendations.  .
  2. Coordinating with technical assistance programs and technical partners of the region the periodical reviews on the efficacy and scope of technical assistance.
  3. Organizing information exchange at relevant conferences and regional meetings.

  1. Reporting on regular basis through e-mail, websites or video conferences on topics related to the Global Fund, the new funding model and technical assistance.
  2. Reporting on regular basis to other technical assistance initiatives and programs within the region about any planned activity on technical assistance and information on the Regional Platform.
  3. Collecting and disseminating updated information on technical assistance sources and training for civil society within the region.

With this, the LAC Platform seeks to contribute to achieving the CRG general goal which proposes:

Civil society and communities participate in an effective way and contribute in the development, execution and oversight of programs funded by the Global Fund.

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Civil society, communities and their HIV, tuberculosis and malaria prevention networks are developing dialogue processes to jointly identify the challenges for the sustainability of the response, agree priorities and actions to be implemented in Latin America and the Caribbean to eliminate HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.


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