A guide for business. Working together towards ending AIDS

Also available in: Español

Author: UNAIDS.

Published by: UNAIDS.

Year: 2018.

Type of Document: Guide.

Description:  The AIDS epidemic is far from over and continues to affect health and development in many parts of the world. Unlike most other health crises, HIV largely affects people in the prime of their life. There is a negative correlation between HIV prevalence and economic growth. Why? Because people living with HIV who are not on treatment may be unable to work, may take time off work when ill and may incur significant out-of-pocket health-care costs. Ending AIDS is everybody’s business and will need collaboration between both the public sector and the private sector. Ending AIDS by 2030 needs effective action on: HIV testing, prevention, treatment and care, human rights Solutions-oriented approaches by the business community are required in each of these areas.