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We want to begin these 35 years by making visible and contributing to the processes that organizations, women and feminists weave across the territory of Latin America and the Caribbean, and that through various actions challenge the system that pathologises women’s bodies, which commercialises the health, that medicalises us and that invades our capacity of agency.

Consequently, we invite all organizations, parches (as informal assemblies of people) and collectives, that within their tasks there is questioning the legitimacy, credibility and validity of a health system (anchored to other systems) that makes women invisible –half of the population– Women are assaulted, made sick, and eliminated by this system.  

We invite all those who make workshops, talks, stories, videos, songs, forums, seminars, talks … to assert and validate pleasure, the right to decide, the freedom of ALL bodies, desire, love between women, autonomy, the ancestral knowledge and everything that seeks to put our experiences in the centre.  

For this reason, from TODAY 16 and until April 26 we opened the call “Health will be Feminist”, in which we will support different initiatives that show a panorama of what we, as feminists, hope, want and build for our health, bodies and decisions. 

Call addressed to:

  • Organizations and collectives of the membership of the Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network – LACWHN, which have actions related to the aforementioned.
  • Feminist organizations that have actions related to the aforementioned.
  • Feminist organizations that work for sexual rights, reproductive rights, sexual health, reproductive health and free/legal, safe and subsidised abortion.

Date of the activities: Month of May.


To make visible actions for the defence of the right to health (Comprehensive and feminist-oriented) of women within the framework of May 28, International Day of Action for Women’s Health.

Selection criteria: 

  • The initiatives presented must take into account that we will prioritise proposals that are implemented through one or more of the following strategies:
  • Alternative communication, artistic, cultural, academic or pedagogical actions that make visible the problems or the resistance exercises, and those that contribute to the construction of a feminist health.
  • Virtual campaigns that make visible the work of the organization, with specific products.
  • Implementation of local activities that strengthen alliances and organizations that participate in these: encounters, meetings, forums, among other activities related to women’s health. 
  • The principles of the LACWHN and position the LACWHN in their territories are taken into account.
  • Have a virtual or face-to-face action on May 28.
  • That they have one-paragraph justification of how they contribute to the construction of a feminist health. 

Resources Amount: 

For this Call, we have the possibility of supporting proposals that have some of the requirements set out in this document, with maximum amounts of US $ 500, we know that this is only a contribution, but that it can help the initiatives that you have thought, or what you already do in everyday life.

Date of publication of the chosen initiatives: 

On May 2 we will be contacting the organizations of the selected projects.

If you have any questions about the Call, you can write to the email: 

* Only one proposal per organization or group will be accepted.

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