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This year, we celebrate the 12th annual Malaria Day in the Americas. This is a crucial point to gather government, nonprofit, and private sector partners together to continue progress made in the region to end malaria for good. Between 2000 and 2015, the global malaria incidence and mortality rate was was reduced by 37% and 60%, respectively. During the same period, the Region of the Americas malaria cases and deaths decreased by 62% and 61%.

Urgent action is required to get the global fight against malaria back on track. The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) is calling for expanded coverage of proven tools that we know work – tools that have already dramatically lowered the global burden of malaria, while also increasing investment in the research and development of new tools to accelerate the pace of progress.

WHO, PAHO and RBM Partnership invite to everyone to engage in the actions around the World Malaria Day 2019.


• Today we are celebrating Malaria Day in the Americas, a day that brings together the malaria community and celebrates progress in the fight against malaria. We need to build on the momentum of today and encourage people in the Region to become strong and involved advocates against the disease. Join us today!
• Since 2009, 30 Malaria Champions of the Americas have been recognized. This year, the honorees came from Brazil and Suriname. We’re thrilled to recognize these communities that have worked so hard toward ending malaria in their countries. The Americas are Ready to Beat Malaria!

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