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Country Coordinating Mechanisms apply for their allocated funding by completing and submitting a funding request.

There are five types of funding requests for the 2020-2022 funding cycle:

  • Program Continuation: enables well-performing programs which require no significant changes to continue implementation with minimal distraction
  • Tailored for Focused Portfolios: application is streamlined and designed to meet the needs of countries with smaller funding amounts and disease burden, and to ensure targeted investments have the greatest impact
  • Tailored for National Strategic Plans: documentation requirements rely primarily on suitable national strategic plans referenced in place of the funding request narrative
  • Tailored for Transition: suitable for countries approaching transition from Global Fund financing, building sustainable programs with decreasing Global Fund support
  • Full Review: applications are a comprehensive review of strategic priorities and programming in higher burden countries

Which funding request application a country should use will be communicated in allocation letters sent to Country Coordinating Mechanisms in December 2019.

The application materials on this page are for information purposes only. Each applicant should receive country-specific materials along with the allocation letters starting in December 2019.

Download the documents here, according with the types of funding requests

2020 Eligibility List

The 2020 Eligibility List identifies which country components are eligible to receive an allocation from the Global Fund for the 2020-2022 period. Eligibility does not guarantee an allocation. If a country has no eligible components, it does not appear on the list.

Download the Eligibility List here


To facilitate advanced planning by eligible countries that will transition from Global Fund support, the Global Fund has produced a list of country components projected to transition fully from Global Fund financing by 2028 due to improvements in income classification and based on current eligibility criteria. These projections are not intended as binding determinations or statements of Global Fund policy, and are only provided as an additional resource to assist countries in preparing for transition.

Download here
Projected Transitions from Global Fund Support by 2028

Framework for Monitoring HIV/STI Services for Key Populations in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Pan American Health Organization, through an agreement with The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, has developed the Framework for Monitoring HIV/STI Services for Key Populations in Latin America and the Caribbean.  This document lists the essential HIV/STI services that, based on a combination prevention approach, should be offered to people from key populations. The monitoring framework establishes one or more indicators for each of the essential services together with the methodology for their measure.

Download the document here