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Source: Global TB Programe, WHO

20 March 2020 | GENEVA.  The WHO Global TB Programme is the Secretariat of the WHO Civil Society Task Force on TB. The aim of the Task Force is to intensify the voice of civil society in ending TB at all levels. The Task Force nurtures discussion and exchange with WHO following the commitment of the Director-General to engage with civil society.

The Task Force has fourteen members who were selected through an independent Selection Panel. Selection of the members (originally fifteen with one having stepped down recently) was based on assessments of individual competencies and experiences and the process aimed to balance geography, gender, and the diversity of communities and civil society representatives. (read more here)

Functions of the Task Force are:

  • Translating WHO TB policies including End TB Strategy into practice through mainstreaming of voices of communities affected by TB and their networks at global, regional and country levels
  • Catalysing greater collaboration between civil society organizations, National TB Programmes and WHO at all levels in all activities and projects for improved TB outcomes including meaningful engagement of civil society and affected communities in policy development
  • Contributing to the implementation of WHO-recommended TB policies with particular focus on multi-sectoral action for the social protection and universal health coverage and advocating  for their inclusion in national TB strategies and plans, national social programmes and political platforms (e.g. parliaments) and regional and global platforms of policy dialogue
  • Promoting and nurturing strong and effective linkages between community-based actors and national TB programmes or their equivalents as well as promoting the generation of demand for TB prevention, diagnosis, care and treatment services
  • Developing a  framework for monitoring and evaluation of collaboration between civil society organizations, National TB Programmes and WHO at all levels
  • Promoting of capacity building of civil society members and representatives of communities affected by TB to intensify the information sharing, dialogue and consultation on the implementation of WHO TB policies and norms
  • Advocating for increased domestic funding and donor commitments for the TB response at all levels 

Step 1. Review the detailed Terms of Reference attached to this message, including composition and membership, term, selection, meetings and administration, and deliverables (please see here for full Terms of Reference).

Step 2. Attach a brief CV with the following information:

  • Full name
  • Title
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Mobile phone number (including country code)
  • Address including postal code, city, country
  • Summary of work experience (dates, employer, position held)
  • Educational qualifications
  • Current membership of Boards/networks/coalitions if any
  • Twitter handle
  • Skype username

Step 4. Send your application, including the CV and the Motivational Letter, by email to Lana Syed (

Deadline for applications is 3 April 2020

Please note that the working language of the Task Force is English; therefore English is a requirement for the membership. We warmly encourage all eligible individuals to apply for membership.