Preparing for Grant making processes – Window 3&2 “What CSOs need to know to meaningfully engage”

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As countries prepare to respond to TRP comments and engage in Grant – making processes (those that submitted in window 3), Civil society and Communities need to step up the game and ensure there is effective participation in the Grant – making processes.

The Global Fund Technical Review Panel’s reflections for Window 2 funding requests highlights Key Take a way points for CS and CG from the TRP Comments window 2;

  • The TRP emphasizes the importance of community led initiatives (not just community-based), which is great.
  • Cervical cancer and gender-based violence are not adequately addressed in funding requests. We need to do more information-sharing here.
  • Sustainable financing for key population-led civil society and community groups is fore-fronted. It is great to have TRP support on this point.
  • There are big gaps for transgender populations in general, and especially in Africa and in challenging operating environments. More work needed.
  • The TRP observed a decreasing number of civil society implementers and this calls for CS engagements during Grant – making to examine the implementation arrangements of PRs and SRs for the 2020- 2022 cycle to ensure that there is sufficient funding for civil society implementers to ensure the sustainability of key-programs and service delivery.
  • Low understanding/commitment from applicants on either Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) and Health Systems Strengthening (HSS)
  • Tailoring program delivery to different key populations, is still lacking in many applications, the one size fit all model is not appropriate and must be adapted depending on generalized vs. concentrated epidemics or epi stratification in-country.
  • Interventions for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) were unsuited to the epi context (not value for money), in other cases the programming was disappointing as it was ‘more of the same’ in terms of general education and information, but without sufficient differentiation or contextual richness (e.g. missing interventions on gender-based violence, male engagement, gender inequality)

You can reed and download the full Technical Review Panel Lessons Learned Window 2 document here: