Strengthening Community Engagement

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The Community, Rights and Gender Strategic Initiative’s (CRG SI) objective is to strengthen the engagement of civil society and communities most affected by the three diseases in Global Fund and related processes. This page provides information and resources about short-term technical assistance, long-term capacity strengthening and the CRG regional platforms supported through the CRG SI.

Short-term technical assistance

CRG SI offers short-term technical assistance to civil society and community organizations to meaningfully engage in Global Fund and related processes. Organizations can request technical assistance at any time throughout the funding cycle in the following areas:

  • Situational analysis and needs assessment
  • Engagement in country dialogue
  • Support to design and implementation arrangements

Technical assistance is provided peer-to-peer, by 26 non-governmental organizations including key population networks and civil society organizations.

How to apply

  • CRG Technical Assistance Guidance Note
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  • CRG Technical Assistance Request Form
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  • Example: High-quality TA Request
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  • CRG Technical Assistance Provider List
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Long-term capacity strengthening

CRG SI supports 11 organizations and networks to strengthen the long-term capacity of key and vulnerable population groups and networks. All in an effort to support the meaningful engagement of their constituencies in Global Fund and related processes. These organizations include:

  • HIV: GATE, GNP+, INPUD, MPact, NSWP and Youth Lead
  • Tuberculosis: ACT Africa, ACT! AP, Socios en Salud and TBEC
  • Malaria: CS4ME
  • HER Voice Fund (Y+ Global)

How to contact organizations and networks

  • Contact Details
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CRG regional platforms

Six regional civil society and community organizations act as hosts for CRG regional platforms. They strengthen community knowledge and coordination in Global Fund and related processes and improve access to technical assistance.

How to contact CRG regional platforms

  • Contact Details
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