The Global Fund That We Still Want

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A call for global solidarity 

The Global Fund That We Still Want Statement is an outcome of 14 community and civil society consultations on the Post-2022 Global Fund Strategy held in Asia-Pacific (AP) from December 2020 through February 2021, led and supported by APCASO, host of the Asia-Pacific CRG  Platform (APCRG), and GFAN AP, in partnership with AP regional and country HIV, TB, and malaria community and CS networks and organizations.

While this Statement aims to capture the positions of community and civil society in Asia-Pacific, many of its key asks are similar to the positions of the community and civil society in our LAC region, including the need for the Global Fund to continue investing in community system strengthening (CSS) and community, rights and gender (CRG).   

The statement has also been translated into multiple languages: French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Attached you will find the English translation of the statement, translated by Asia-Pacific CRG  Platform.


The Statement, including the translations, together with the list of sign-ons will be sent to the members of the Global Fund Board, including the Chair and the Co-Chair of the Board and the Chair and the Co-Chair of the Global Fund Strategy Committee.  

A short video has also been produced to complement the advocacy efforts to the statement and is available at You do not need to have a FB account to watch the video!

Please do share this statement broadly and especially amongst your constituency members and please also encourage them to join this sign-on campaign to help show our global solidarity and support to those critical positions.

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The Global Fund That We Still Want Statement