The Global Fund C19RM continues to support the Caribbean Region

Message from Dr Rosmond Adams, Director, PANCAP

Earlier this year, the Global Fund announced that it will be extending the C19 funding beyond 2021. This was great news for the Caribbean Region as the current support from the Global Fund to mitigate the impact of the ongoing pandemic on HIV services was helpful in ensuring the continuity of key services that were disrupted.

The support to the Caribbean Region multi-country grant ensures that regional public goods are created. The multi-country grant supports ten countries across the Caribbean. It also supports the work of Civil Society Organizations in the Caribbean to continue to reach communities so that they are able to reach Key Populations and other vulnerable groups.

The development of the C19 proposal was a long and tedious process especially due to the challenges of the pandemic. Engaging stakeholders at the same time and in a timely manner was one of the main challenges. Despite this, the proposal is now completed and is being reviewed by the Fund.

The proposal development process required months of collaboration working with stakeholders across all countries including National Authorities, Regional Coordinating Mechanism, Country Coordinating Mechanisms, CSOs and other implementation partners. In order to be inclusive, the process consisted in various consultations held virtually to get the input and feedback of all stakeholders. These consultations were supported principally by the PANCAP Coordinating Unit, Caribbean Vulnerable Coalition and El Centro de Orientacion e Integral Nacional. In the development of the proposal, key areas were identified that the grant can support that will ensure continued delivery of services for HIV. We await the approval and the successful implementation of activities.