National Social Dialogues to Ensure the Engagement of Civil Society, Community-Based Organizations and Key Populations in the Preparation of Funding Requests for the Global Fund Grant Cycle 7 (GC7) 2023 – 2025 / Toolkit

Also available in: Español

Author: Alfredo Mejía Duarte / Anuar I. Luna Cadena

Published by: LAC Platform / Icaso

Year: 2023

Type of Document: Toolkit

Description: In line with the aforementioned objectives, the LAC Platform has prepared this Toolkit to support the mea- ningful engagement of civil society, community-based organizations of people affected by the diseases and key populations (KPs) in preparing funding requests for the GC7 allocation period 2023-2025. This document outlines the experience of the LAC Platform in supporting Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and KPs from countries in the region in processes related to the Global Fund.