Strategic Prioritization and Costing. A Policy Brief for HIV, TB and malaria CSOs in the LAC region

Also available in: Español

Author: Joan Tallada

Published by: LAC Platform

Year: 2023

Type of Document: Toolkit

Description: The aim of this policy brief is to help Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the Latin American and Caribbean region working in HIV, TB and malaria fields to reflect on their particular situation and the way they work in a changing environment: how the epidemic and programmatic data in their own countries has evolved in recent times; how to use data for decisions; whether the service modalities CSOs have been providing need to be reviewed and finally, what key aspects CSOs need to take into consideration when costing updated service modalities. In order to achieve this, we invite readers on a journey of collective thinking that starts with some broader, basic questions about what investing in health services means as well as its benefits and its limitations.


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