Development of Safety and Security Plans for CSOs Working on HIV with Key Populations in Guatemala

Also available in: Español

Author: Miguel Corral

Published by: LAC Platform

Year: 2023

Type of Document: Case Study

Description: Between March and October 2022, the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP), in its role as Principal Recipient (PR) of the GF grant in the country, the LAC Platform and a team of consultants initiated the coordination and implementation of a process to develop Safety and Security Plans (SSP) with and for civil society organizations (CSOs) working on HIV in Guatemala. This is the first time that the safety and security issue has been formally addressed for organizations involved in implementing the GF grant; thus, this experience is a pilot that will help improve strategies and tools for organizations to initiate similar processes in other countries in the region. This case study aims to learn about the process and its progress and identify challenges and lessons learned in developing the SSP.