Through the Ensuring the Right to Breastfeeding for Women and Pregnant People Living with HIV with Undetectable Viral Load within the Framework of Reproductive Rights

Also available in: Español

Author: Mariana Iacono

Published by: LAC Platform / ICW Latina

Year: 2023

Type of Document: Case Study

Description:  This proposal, developed through a collaboration between Vía Libre/ LAC Platform and ICW LATINA, aims to generate strategic data to inform communities about emerging and key issues related to people living with HIV. This work provides a set of lessons learned, conclusions and recommendations that will be useful to guide decision-makers in countries, civil society organizations, international cooperation agencies and the Global Fund on the measures that should be taken to increase access free from stigma, discrimination and violence, as well as the full exercise of reproductive rights, especially the right to breastfeeding for WPP-HIV with undetectable viral load.