Toolkit, Safety and Security for organizations working with key and vulnerable populatons and HIV programs in Latin America and the Caribbean

Also available in: Español

Author: Alfredo Mejía Duarte / Rosa González

Published by: LAC Platform

Year: 2023

Type of Document: Tool

Description: In 2018, the former International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA) (currently known as Frontline AIDS), a member of the Technical Advisory Group on Violence, Stigma, and Discrimination Against KVP, for the USAID LINKAGES Project, created the Safety and Security Toolkit: Strengthening the Implementation of HIV Programs for and with Key Populations. The Community Engagement Strategic Initiative (CE SI) of the Global Fund, and Vía Libre/ LAC Platform considered it of vital importance to have a tool adapted to the region, from the experiences in Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Belize, that responds to the needs of the CSO of the LAC countries. This new edition of the toolkit has been adapted to the regional context of LAC, based on the experiences of the above-mentioned countries, as well as to the realities and dynamics related to stigma, discrimination and security risks that leaders, outreach workers, program people, service providers and community mobilizers face in their response to HIV.