CE SI Coordination Mechanism – Global Fund TA Tracker 

Description: The tool for tracking requests for technical assistance to the Community Participation Strategic Initiative Mechanism aims to report in a timely manner the progress of requests for technical assistance from communities in the region. 

New assignments and requests 
Country Provider Scope 
Colombia Global Fund CE SI Community consultations for GC7, priority setting and improving community engagement in Global Fund processes. 
Peru Global Fund CE SI Community engagement for GC7: situational analysis, needs assessment, community dialogue and priority costing for communities 

 Change in status 
Country Provider New Status Scope 
Ecuador Global Fund CE SI Ongoing To assess the reasons for accessing or not accessing HIV and SRH services among migrants, particularly from Venezuela, in Ecuador (phase 2). 
Jamaica UNAIDS TSM Ongoing Stigma Index 2.0 Study  

Completed assignments 
Country Provider Scope 
Zimbabwe UNAIDS TSM Review and adjustment of Zimbabwe’s community-led monitoring (CLM) tools