Tuberculosis ToolBox

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The global response to tuberculosis, as with the other two diseases on which the Global Fund focuses its efforts, has among its limitations the violation of human rights faced by people affected and by gender inequalities, that affect unequally men, women, girls and boys.  

“In order to end tuberculosis as an epidemic, we need to understand well the challenges related to gender that continue characterizing  this disease, so we can improve and expand our investments to face  these barriers”, said  Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund. “That is why the launch of the UNAIDS and Stop Tb Partnership tool for gender evaluation is fundamental in the response to tuberculosis.”

But for this response to move forward, it is also important that people become aware of their rights and demand better services.  In this Toolbox, the LAC Platform seeks to  strengthen  the response to tuberculosis through the following material.

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diagnosisImprove the diagnosis of gender related aspects

Gender assessment tool for national HIV and TB responses.


derechosValue the importance of patients being aware of their rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities of tuberculosis patients, and the Global Fund: A qualitative study.